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WRVS4400N Problems and Solutions

The WRVS4400N is Linksys' top of the line consumer/prosumer gigabit wireless N with VPN router.

PPTP problems

If you are having problems VPN'ing over PPTP to a remote server you will need to enable port triggering.
  • Log into you WRVS4400N router through a web browser.
  • Click on the "Firewall" tab.
  • Click the "More ...>>" link underneath the tab bar.
  • You should be on the "Port Range Triggering" page.
  • Create a new "Application Name" labelled "PPTP"
  • Set the "Triggered Range" to 1723~1723
  • Set the "Forwarded Range" to 47~47
  • Check the "Enabled" box.
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