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Easy iPod Linux Video Converter Version .06

This is a Visual Basic Program that will take the location of mencoder.exe 2bppconv.exe an input video file. It will output an Ipod Linux Compatible video. You won't have to use the command line or a batch file. Just choose your iPod type and encode away. Still in beta. Updated for Nano double encode. Updated. Now Supports splitting of video files and includes 2bppconv.exe and mencoder.exe


Built in Visual Basic Express 2005. Use for your own purposes or modify it to make it better.



How to use EILVC:

Browse to the folder where you extracted Easy iPod Linux Video Converter. Double Click on the executable, its shaped like a iPod Nano

You will be greeted to a plain looking program. If you have the most current download(.03+) mencoder and 2bbpconv will point to the default directories for the included files. However you can still point to a different directory if need be.


The first thing you will need to do is choose what type of iPod you have. This will determine the output of the video. When selecting Greyscale or Mini will activate the 2bppconv.exe box.

If you want to split the video select the Split Video checkbox. This will activate the Split Time and Movie Length boxes. Choose how many hours, minutes and seconds you want to split the video. Then choose the length of the movie. You must specify movie length so the program splits the video up correctly.

Once you have selected the Input Video and Output Video click Go. This will call up mencoder.exe and if you have a greyscale or mini 2bppconv.exe. While this happens EILVC will not update until the command prompts are finished.

After mencoder and 2bppconv are finished your video file is now ready for viewing on your iPod(in linux).


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